The 2019-20 Glen Rock Federated HSA Online Directory has launched via MobileArq!


The Glen Rock Federated HSA Online Directory is:


  • A great tool!  It includes family contact information as well as school/class/grade lists for all students in the Glen Rock School District to facilitate communication among and within GR schools, classes and families.

  • Easy: Available online at\schooldirectory or through the MobileArq App.

  • Comprehensive: Some schools have their own directories, but the Federated Directory includes all* families in the district and lists all schools/classes of all children in a family within a family profile.


  • Flexible: You get to choose which pieces of personal information from your family are shared with other families in the district. 


*Families have the ability to opt out of the directory and/or hide their information.


Get Started!

It's very easy to get started!  Start with the "Access Directory Login" button above to get to the website. 


To get started from the directory home page or the MobileArq app, just:

1) Insert your email in the "email" field (make sure you use the email address that you use with the Genesis system); and 

2)  Request a new password using the "Forgot Password?" link.  Set a new password and get started!

The Step-by-Step guide (red button above, start on slide 6) provides detailed visual instructions on how to access the directory, update your information and use the MobileArq directory.

​Your profile starts with basic contact information (name, address, home phone, emails) from the Glen Rock School District Genesis system. You can change or expand the information that is shared (ex/add cell phone numbers).  You get to choose what is shared with other users!


You are in control of your profile and can change most of the information!  But if you are stuck getting started, have a unique situation, etc, reach out for help to or

PDFs of the 2018-19 data by school & grade and by family are available by sending a request to  If you need a single PDF for your child's class, you may also submit a request for that.  A full PDF directory of the 2019-20 data will be created in 2020, allowing time for people to update their information. 

HSA Directory Coordinator:  

School Directory Coordinators
Sara MacDonald:
Kara McGrinder:
Liz Sonzogni:
Sarah Goldberg:
Lauren Munshower:



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