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The 2018-19 Glen Rock School directory is now live!  Connect with the Glen Rock School Community with the online and mobile directory at your fingertips.

NEW THIS YEAR… Every Glen Rock School District Family is included in the Directory (whether you are a member of the HSA or not), unless they opted-out.

Please note: even if you had an account last year and updated your profile, you will need to register and make profile updates again.

The Mobile Arq system allows Glen Rock school families to easily access information such as:

--Names and Grades of students

--Parental contact information and addresses

--Teachers and class parents for children in the elementary schools

--Cell phone numbers and emails for parents (if manually added to MobileArq profiles by the family)

The information in the Glen Rock Schools Online Directory comes from the Glen Rock District’s Genesis system—the official contact information database for all school district students and families.  The district provides the basic information, but each family can adjust their profile within the MobileArq system, either by adding or hiding information.


The registration process will kick off with automated emails from MobileArq to everyone in the Genesis system that is included in the directory.  The email will come from support-grhsa@mobilearq.com.

 Simply follow these steps to access the Mobile Directory:

Step 1. Open the email invitation from MobileArq, subject line ‘Verify your contact information in the Glen Rock Federated HSA 2018-19 directory’.

Step 2. Click the auto-login link in the email to enter your account in the mobile directory.

Step 3. Create a password and verify your information.

Note: the auto-login link sent to your email address is valid for 24 hrs. only.

If your auto-login link expires, then, follow these steps to gain access:

1. Go to the directory login page

2. Click/tap on the 'Forgot Password' link at the very bottom of the page, below the 'Member

Registration' button.

3. Enter the security code displayed on the screen and your email address in the directory.

Then click the button 'Get New Password' to receive a temporary auto-login link in your email



Once you are registered, you can go in and enhance the information that is shared in the Directory. For example, you can add in cell phone and email information!

For a visual tutorial on how to edit your profile, please visit:
MobileArq Tutorial on Updating Information

Note: Changing information in the MobileArq system does not create a change in the Genesis system. To change information in Genesis, you must log into the Genesis system directly.


To access the directory on your phones, download the FREE MobileArq Directory App!

For desktops or laptops go to: https://mobilearq.com/schooldirectory


If you have questions about the MobileArq online directory, or if you would like a printable PDF of the directory, please email your school’s handbook coordinator:

Byrd: Sara MacDonald  saramac616@gmail.com

Central: Kara McGrinder  karaheather@gmail.com

Hamilton:   Mara Trager mitrager@gmail.com and Liz Sonzogni lizpowell77@yahoo.com

Coleman:  Peg Quigley gpquigley@yahoo.com

MS/HS:  Michele Sapoff mm1212@aol.com and Merri Kapiloff merrikapiloff@gmail.com

If the information for your child(ren) is incorrect (School, Grade, Class), please complete and submit the google form:  https://goo.gl/forms/TqTpTih3PlCRTYMy2

Any questions, please reach out to the Federated Handbook coordinators:
Mara Trager mitrager@gmail.com and Liz Sonzogni lizpowell77@yahoo.com​